Newborn Photography in Raleigh, N.C.

Professional photos of your newborn are an investment in long-lasting memories. Your baby will grow quickly, and it’s easy to forget the thousands of wonderful, exciting moments. As an experienced photographer, I can perfectly capture these early, precious moments. I am dedicated to creating unforgettable portraits that ensure you remember every detail of your newborn. You can trust your priceless newborn photography memories to Megan Kime Photography. 

Benefits of Professional Newborn Photos

Anyone with a good camera can snap pictures of newborns and capture their features. However, it takes experience, skill, and patience to wrap, pose, and soothe newborns. Professionals are equipped to take photos safely and create stunning images.  

Professional photographers always ensure the room is comfortable as they work with their tiny subjects. They incorporate carefully chosen props to create scenes and enhance newborn photography. Parents can add meaningful items like a special toy or blanket during photo sessions. 

You can depend on Megan Kime Photography to perfectly light, photograph, and edit portraits. Every photo shoot aims to get great images, and editing allows a professional to enhance your baby’s image and show off their beauty. It’s also an opportunity to eliminate imperfections, such as baby acne or redness, that you might not want to be shown.

The Best Age for Newborn Sessions 

A baby’s age can affect the success of newborn baby photography. According to places like the Nashville Film Institute, the ideal time to photograph newborns is seven to 14 days after birth. Days 4-6 are perfect. At this stage, infants are sleepy and tend to snuggle up, automatically creating charming poses. If your baby arrives early or late, rescheduling with my studio is not difficult. 

Professionals can get excellent results after babies’ second week of life. However, infants are more aware of their surroundings at this age, which can create some challenges. 

Types of Photo Sessions 

Megan Kime Photography offers a choice of newborn sessions. You can arrange for portraits of your baby alone and select the newborn photography ideas that most appeal to you. Photos that include a newborn and their siblings are also trendy. Baby experts like those at Carter’s say that brothers, sisters, and pets can be wonderful additions to newborn sessions.

My studio also offers maternity shoots and belly-to-baby sessions. You can choose packages that include newborn portraits & baby milestones, and a first birthday milestone session. I offer mini, petite, and full-family photograph packages.

What to Expect After Booking an Appointment 

Since the timeframe for newborn portraits is very short, I recommend booking a professional photography appointment in your second trimester so I can set a tentative appointment 1-15 days after your due date. The time can always be changed if the baby is early or late. 

I can arrange a session in my studio or at your home. Before the session, I will meet with you and discuss various ideas for props. My extensive prop collection includes tutus, headbands, bow ties, bonnets, and blankets. We can discuss any personal items you would like to include. The sessions last approximately 2-3 hours, and you will have breaks to change and feed your baby.  

Megan Kime has been a photographer serving the Raleigh/Triangle area for fifteen years. She blends photojournalism and traditional photography for a fresh, natural style that captures each subject’s unique personality. Megan has documented weddings, babies, and animals. The studio also specializes in newborn and maternity photography.