When to Schedule Your Maternity Photoshoot

Women want to capture every moment of their pregnancies. Today, countless ladies choose to schedule a photoshoot with a professional photographer to have these moments memorialized. However, they need to know when to schedule the shoot to ensure they get amazing photos they will treasure for years to come. 

When to Schedule a Maternity Photoshoot?

A woman should schedule her maternity photoshoot with Megan Kime Photography when she is 30 to 36 weeks along in her pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the woman will become increasingly uncomfortable, and that discomfort will show in the photos. In addition, a baby is considered full term at 37 weeks and a doctor won’t try to stop labor. If the baby comes at this time, the opportunity to take photos while the woman is pregnant will be lost. 

In addition, the woman’s body is rounded and defined. This allows it to appear flattering in the photos. The round stomach becomes a 2D image when photographed. This ensures the photographer captures the woman’s body as it truly looks. 

The goal of the photoshoot is to capture the magic of being pregnant. This is best done by highlighting the changes in the woman’s body. Some women might feel as if they are huge toward the end of the pregnancy. Remind them that this means the baby is growing properly and will be a healthy weight. This often gives the woman the confidence she needs to go forward with the shoot. 

Factors to Consider When Scheduling this Shoot

There are certain situations where a woman may want to have her maternity photos taken earlier in the pregnancy. For example, a woman who is having multiple babies may wish to have her photoshoot during the second trimester. Multiples often come early, and she doesn’t want to miss out on having professional photos. The maternity photographer near me should accommodate her request. Consider scheduling multiple sessions to ensure she doesn’t miss out on photos and she can capture the later stages of the pregnancy if it continues well into the third trimester. 

The same holds for a woman who has a high-risk pregnancy. Schedule the photo shoot for the second trimester, as the baby may come very early. The photographer can suggest she schedule more than one shoot. If the pregnancy continues, she will have multiple photos to remember how it progressed. She will appreciate having multiple sessions if the pregnancy progresses to 30 weeks and beyond. 

Furthermore, a photographer should be accommodating if a woman wants to have her photoshoot early in the pregnancy. Maternity photography can be used to capture changes in a woman’s body. It may also be used to announce a pregnancy to family and friends. This photo should be shared around the end of the second trimester, so plan the shoot accordingly. Suggest to the woman that she might want an additional shoot later in the third trimester to capture the more memorable moments from her pregnancy. 

What to Wear for a Pregnancy Photoshoot

Women also need to wear something that shows off their changing bodies. Any clothing that defines the midsection can be worn for the shoot. Some women prefer a stretchy sweater or dress, but other women choose to wear a long dress that flows. If a woman wants to wear this type of dress, she should choose one with an empire waist. This style helps define the baby bump. 

A woman can also highlight the baby bump using her hands. Some women choose to place their hands over the bump. Other ladies, however, prefer to put their hands under the bump, almost as if they are holding it up. A woman should do what makes her feel comfortable. 

Women should not wear clothing with a busy pattern, as this actually draws attention away from the baby bump. Solid or small prints work best for this type of photoshoot. Simple clothing is appropriate in this situation. 

Women need to feel comfortable during their pregnancy photoshoots. Photographers must remember this and schedule each shoot for a time that the woman prefers. It’s fine to let the woman know the photos may not be all she imagined. As long as both parties have realistic expectations regarding the photos, the shoot should move smoothly from start to finish, and both parties will be satisfied with the results. 

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