10 Tips for a Successful Fall Family Photo Session

Fall is the ideal time to take family photos. Nature provides the perfect backdrop, and the weather isn’t too hot or cold. The following tips are helpful for making any fall photo session perfect from start to finish. 

Choose a Family-Friendly Photographer

Some photographers are better with children than others. Keep this in mind when scheduling family portrait sessions. Try to keep the same photographer for different sessions, as the kids will get to know the person and feel more comfortable. 

For those who have never had family portraits before, contact Megan Kime Photography. She has a reputation for working well with kids of all ages. Parents will feel confident knowing the pictures are everything they envisioned when they scheduled the shoot. 

Schedule the Shoot When Children are Happiest

Parents know when their children are happy. Choose a time when they will be cooperative, such as after they have napped and been fed. 

In addition, choose a location they love. Explain that, if they cooperate, they can have fun. The pictures come first, and then they can fully enjoy the setting. They’ll be ready to take the pictures so they can move on to enjoying themselves. 

Clothing Choices

Choose clothes everyone will be comfortable in. Neutral colors work well, and parents can add colorful accessories to ensure family members don’t blend with the background. Avoid bright colors, as they will reflect on the skin. 

Coordinate colors for a great look. The clothing should reflect the family and who they are. Otherwise, the pictures will look staged and unnatural. 

Background Elements

Find a gorgeous tree to use as a backdrop for family photography. People often worry the tree won’t have leaves on the day of the session. Don’t let this hold anyone back. 

If the leaves have fallen on the day the shoot arrives, take a rake. Rake up the leaves and use them as a backdrop for photos. The mix of colors will make for a great photo session. 

Make Family the Focus

A person might spend a significant amount of time trying to find the perfect location. Don’t stress over this. With the changing colors, any place can look beautiful. The key is to remember the family is the focus of the photos.

Prepare the Kids

Sit down with the children and tell them what to expect with the photo session. They like knowing what will happen and will be more cooperative when there aren’t any surprises. In addition, experienced Raleigh family photographers will talk with the children before taking any photos. When the kids feel comfortable with the photographer, the photos look more natural. 

Aim for Sunset

When possible, schedule the shoot for the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset. The light tends to be warmer and softer at these times, leading to more flattering photos. That allows the photographer to capture amazing photos that showcase the family with rich sunrise or sunset colors as the backdrop. 

Eat Prior to the Session

Parents may try to hold off on feeding the kids so they don’t get their clothes dirty. However, hungry kids won’t cooperate with a photo session. Feed the kids and change them into their outfits for the shoot once they are full. 

Carry Snacks

What many people don’t realize is snacks can become a part of the photo session. Pack a bag with hot chocolate or hot apple cider and snacks. This may be candy apples or fall-themed donuts. They become props in the photo session while keeping young children happy. 

Wear Layers

The weather is constantly changing during the fall months. Have family members wear layers. Doing so allows layers to be added or removed, and everyone stays comfortable. In addition, layering allows different looks for photos, as each family member can quickly change their look. 

Request candid and posed photos during the shoot. Many families focus on the posed shots and miss out on some amazing photos. Talk to the photographer to get a mix of shots. Families that do so have pictures they treasure for years to come. 

Megan Kime and Her Philosophy

I have been offering photography services in the Raleigh area for a decade and love to schedule fall family photo shoots. This is a great time to capture amazing photos that show the personality of the family, and I love it when pets are included in these sessions. My fresh and natural style ensures the photos show what makes each family unique. 

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