Capture All the ‘Firsts’ with a Baby Photographers

Photographers capture the joy of parenthood with photos celebrating the first moments of a child’s life. From a baby’s first smile to their first step, capturing these moments helps families treasure them forever. Discover the first events every Raleigh parent should have memorialized on film.

Coming Home

Before leaving the hospital, contact a local baby photographer to take pictures of the family coming home. Professional photos of this treasured moment will be part of the family photo album. In addition, hiring a photographer makes it easier for everyone to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment rather than trying to take pictures. Finally, as the family gathers to welcome a new member, a professional photographer captures the joy on everyone’s faces.

Monthly Photos

Babies grow so quickly, and it becomes impossible to remember every moment. A fun way to watch their growth is by taking monthly photos to see the changes. For example, the baby can wear a onesie with the month on the front to show growth from January to December. For parents who prefer less commitment, monthly stickers or cards can be affixed to whatever the baby wears to show progression over time. In the years to come, the family will appreciate watching the baby’s growth as it happens. An experienced photographer in Raleigh helps parents find the ideal way to memorialize a child’s growth.

Special Stuffed Animals

Another excellent way to show off a baby’s growth is posing with a favorite stuffed animal. As the child gets older, the stuffed animal will look smaller. In time, the stuffed animal can be a background item in an older child’s photos. When everyone looks at the pictures, they are sure to get tears as they see the stuffed animal appear differently when posed with the baby. Plus, the child will be happy to see plenty of pictures with a favorite huggable item. Creative baby photography finds fun ways to include stuffed animals in various adorable poses.

First Moments Together

Family events are another opportunity for incredible photographs as everyone gathers to meet the new addition. A photographer captures images showing the wonder of meeting the baby for the first time. From the laughter in a baby’s eyes to the wonder on grandma’s face, these photos will show the child how much love they had growing up. Plus, family photos make perfect gifts for holidays and special occasions in the future.

Parent and Child

For centuries, artists have captured the extraordinary relationships between parents and children. Taking photos with the baby helps parents feel connected and unique. Plus, the child will see them when they grow up and know how much their parents cared. From posed photos to whimsical ones, pictures of parents with their children show their unique relationship and what makes them different from everyone else. Also, these images are perfect for future holiday cards and school collages.

Beautiful Bath time

Taking a bath is one of the bonding moments between a parent and child. Plus, babies enjoy splashing and playing with bathtime toys. Capture the wonder and magic of bath time with professional photographs. Consider posing the baby with their favorite towel and a rubber ducky for pictures that will make everyone smile in the years to come. Also, bath time photos offer plenty of creative opportunities with water, soap, toys, and bath essentials for perfect images to display in the bathroom.

Baby’s First Smile

When a baby smiles and laughs for the first time, the joy lights up a room. A skilled Raleigh photographer knows how to get the baby to smile and laugh for photos everyone will treasure. Bring a smile to the family’s faces with pictures of the baby showing off their first grin. Also, consider taking a series of smiling photos over several months to show how the baby evolves from smiles to belly laughter.

Stand and Walk

When the baby stands and walks, everyone can’t stop talking about it. The first time a baby wobbles on unsure legs, the family can’t wait for the child to start running around the house. Capture these first moments on film to remember when the baby began getting around like a grown-up.

There are many first moments in the first year of a baby’s life. Working with a professional Raleigh photographer makes it easy for families to treasure these moments for years to come. Megan Kime Photography has captured fantastic first moments for babies, families, weddings, and four-legged friends for over ten years. Also, Megan and her husband have four rescue fur babies of their own and contribute to several animal rescue organizations.