Top 3 Best Photo Sessions For Spring

Spring is a fantastic time to get outside and pose for the camera. Spring is also synonymous with new life and renewal, so scheduling a photo session is a unique and memorable experience. Plus, milder weather makes outdoor photography pleasant.

People love to schedule professional studio time to photograph newborns or location shoots for weddings, expecting moms, and families. A scheduled professional photo session is something that everyone should do once. Photos taken by a skillful professional become lifelong treasures for generations. 

The “Golden Hour” is a prime time to take photos outdoors. The golden hour occurs shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. During this time, the lighting is optimal for capturing a subject. If a client desires, holding a photo session at a professional indoor studio or location also works well.

Adding props makes photos more exciting. Using scenic backgrounds and natural lighting also enhances photography. Megan Kime Photography can also hold a photo session at a private residence if a client feels more comfortable.

Creatively Celebrate A New Bundle Of Joy

Babies are fascinating when sleeping or dressed in adorable outfits. A family may want photos of their newborn shortly after birth while cradled in loving arms. However, it is advisable to schedule newborn photography portraits five to ten days following a little one’s debut. There are so many creative possibilities with baby photos. Plus, pictures of newborn babies make lovely keepsakes to send out to friends and family.

Parents shouldn’t limit themselves to the hospital or maternity ward as a backdrop for newborn photos. An indoor studio provides a safe, comfortable place to take pictures of the new baby and incorporate any desired props.

It’s important to know what to expect when taking photos of newborns. Compared to typical photo sessions that last about one hour, parents can expect a two to three-hour session. There is plenty of time for the baby to get a break for feeding, a diaper change, and getting comfortable for the camera.

Typically, many baby photos are taken when little ones are sleeping. Parents can feel free to bring hats, blankets, heirloom toys, or choose from the photographer’s collection of props. It’s good to have a consultation before scheduling a photo session for a newborn to discuss ideas.

Newborn photos can focus on the baby, pairings with siblings, or nestled with the whole family. If needed, images can be taken at the family’s residence for privacy and comfort. Families can also choose to schedule a photo session for older babies and toddlers. Taking photos outside allows young children to show off their personalities and stylish outfits in the spring.

Honoring And Celebrating Maternity With Photos

The unique journey of an expecting mother deserves to be celebrated with a glamorous maternity photo session. Before the arrival of a newborn baby, taking maternity photos is a great way to celebrate a mother’s beauty and the baby bump.

Mom should dress for comfort and style whether indoors or outdoors. Imagine elegant photos of an excited mother adorned with a flower crown or being held by her significant other. Mom looks stunning when there’s a backdrop of trees, emerging flowers, and clear blue skies behind her.

Some women may feel self-conscious about their changing bodies as they anxiously wait for their baby’s arrival. However, a photo session is a positive way to capture an authentic portrait of a mom and celebrate the new life soon to come. Mom can expect the average photo session to last up to an hour.

Treasuring Family And Capturing Generations

Families also make great photography subjects. A photo session is more fun when everyone is open to being creative, using props, and being easy going. A family photoshoot should artfully reflect a family’s authentic personality.

A family photo session may include parents and children or extended relatives. There are many beautiful locations to take photos in the springtime, from parks to historical landmarks. Also, when taking a family photo, it’s important not to wear matching outfits. Otherwise, photos could look bland. Wearing lighter colors that complement one another looks striking against a natural background.

Schedule a family photo session during the Golden Hour if shooting in a manicured backyard or garden. If outdoor photography doesn’t excite the family, it’s acceptable to schedule time at an indoor location. Typically, family photos will take about an hour and can be booked year-round.

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