Top 5 Reasons To Have A Maternity Photoshoot

Bringing tiny babies into the world is a beautiful thing. But, it doesn’t always feel that way. Swollen ankles, stretch marks, and mood swings cause frustration and leave a mother ready to have this phase of her life complete. All of the pictures on Instagram show gorgeous pregnant women who are proud of their baby bump, but instead of feeling like a beautiful mom to be, it’s easy to feel like a swollen, overweight version of yourself.

Because expectant moms aren’t always looking or feeling their best, they may question whether maternity pictures are necessary, or even worth it. You should do it. Although pregnancy can feel less than enjoyable, a mother’s body is doing incredibly beautiful things. You won’t regret documenting this stage with maternity photos. Here are the top five reasons every pregnant woman should have a maternity photoshoot.

1. You Will Miss Your Baby Bump

During that last month of pregnancy, it may not seem like you will ever miss this stage. Pregnancy lasts for nine months, and you are tired. But you will miss this important time. Soon, that baby will be born, and you will slowly start to get your body back. You won’t miss the bump right away, but as the baby starts to crawl, and as you look back on the pictures of the baby in utero, you will miss it.

In hindsight, while it is difficult to go through pregnancy, most moms say it is one of the greatest times in their lives. There is something magical about pregnancy. A baby is living inside of the mother, who is nourishing and meeting his or her every need. There is such a connection, as moms experience every hiccup, elbow, and headbutt inside of them.

Once the baby is born, moms often are nostalgic about the time. It’s important to capture magical and memorable times in your life, and this is no exception. Megan Kime Photography can help. Having maternity photos to look back on will help a mother remember this magical time.

2. Reminisce About The Foundation

There is a story behind every baby. There is a story about the couple that met first and how their relationship grew. Having a baby together is a wonderful time to remember. This is the last time there will only be two. Once the baby comes, the family will be changed forever. Spend some time focusing on the couple that started things.

Sometimes, pregnancy can cause stress in a relationship. There are medical concerns, financial considerations, and mood swings that complicate the relationship. Taking maternity photos is a great way to strengthen your bond and celebrate the new life that is coming into the world. A maternity photoshoot can also help a father develop a stronger emotional bond with the baby.

3. It’s All About You

You can customize your maternity photoshoot. Some moms-to-be want to show it all, and others are more conservative during this time of life. Professional photographers have an array of lighting modifiers available to give expectant moms the look that they are comfortable with.

One of the popular trends in maternity photography now is using flowing fabrics to cover part of the belly, while showing some parts of it. Look around on Instagram and find the look you love. We can make it happen.

4. You’ll Look Back Later And Love Them

Time flies once that tiny baby is placed in a mom’s arms. From infant to toddler to child to teenager, the years race by. Moms will cherish thinking back to a maternity photoshoot, as they miss the special days of baby in-utero. But, not just moms will treasure looking back at these pictures. As children age, they love to look at pictures of themselves as a baby and their mother before they were born. It truly documents the beginning of their life, and that is special.

5. Involving Siblings

If this is baby number two, or even three, four, or five, taking maternity photographs is a great way to get all of the siblings involved in celebrating the newest addition. What a lovely time to document the bonding that is taking place in the entire family. Don’t miss this opportunity to capture these beautiful times. Schedule a maternity session to preserve family memories.

Megan Kime has been a photographer in the Raleigh/Triangle area for over 15 years. She specializes in newborn, family, and maternity photographs. Megan goes out of her way to capture the personality of the subject in each picture, and she goes beyond expectations to provide quality products, style, and professionalism.