What Is the Best Age For A Newborn Photoshoot?

Parents spend nine months eagerly awaiting the arrival of their little one. They suffer through morning sickness, prenatal visits, aching feet, and more in preparation for the big day. When it arrives, they can’t wait to show the baby off to others, and a newborn photoshoot serves as the perfect way to do so. Parents can let everyone near and far know of the baby’s arrival and allow friends and family members see their precious bundle of joy. 

Newborn photography can be a challenge. Infants who have just arrived in the world want to sleep around the clock. They only get up to eat and have their diapers changed. Catching the baby during this time requires the parents to have an understanding of when to schedule the session. However, as the baby grows, parents encounter new challenges. The baby might be afraid of strangers or may not sit still for the photos.

For this reason, parents need to find a photographer who has experience with infants. The photographers prepare for a challenging shoot and know how to get amazing photos in a variety of situations. When should the parents schedule these sessions so the photography for newborns is everything the parents imagined?

The First Two Weeks

Every parent wants to capture their child in the first two weeks of life. The baby is tiny and will grow quickly. The parents are sleep-deprived but want to remember this special time. The photos allow them to do so. However, these sessions should be scheduled when the baby is alert. 

Parents shouldn’t schedule a session when they know the child will be sleeping or need to be fed. Unfortunately, the time frame when babies are alert and fed is very small. When making this appointment with Megan Kime Photography, ask for an extended session in the hopes the baby will be alert and content for a portion of the allotted time. 

Three to Four Months

Babies grow rapidly. At two months, they begin to pay attention to faces. By the time they reach three or four months of age, they begin to respond to what is around them. This serves as the ideal time for a photoshoot because the baby is more alert. They smile at random things and make interesting faces as they learn about the world around them. Parents love capturing these special moments with pictures so they can look back at them as the child grows. 

Infants can lie on their stomachs at this time and move around more. Their neck strength is increasing, and this makes for some interesting shots. The photographer may even capture what has caught the baby’s eye because it is fun to see what draws their attention at this age. 

Six to Eight Months

Children between the ages of six and eight months are full of life. They respond to others and smile frequently. When the photographer or a parent speaks to them, they may answer by making sounds. They may sit without support and will often reach for things they want. The things they choose can make interesting shots. 

The photographer will likely have props to use for this shoot and try different positions. One shot may have the child sitting while another has them lying down. Parents can provide input regarding which types of shots they would like to see. In addition, parents should consider requesting an outdoor session. The curiosity children have at this age ensures they are captivated by their surroundings, and that makes pictures more interesting. 

However, parents may schedule a newborn shoot when they feel the time is appropriate. They spend more time with the child than anyone else and see major changes in the baby’s development. As a result, parents should be flexible when it comes to scheduling these sessions and when they feel comfortable having the photos taken.

Regardless of when a session is scheduled, it should never be during the child’s feeding or nap times. A tired or hungry child won’t cooperate with the photographer, and the pictures won’t be what the parents desire. By following this one guideline, parents typically find the photos are all they imagined when scheduling the session. 

About Megan Kime Photography:

Megan began photographing various subjects in the Raleigh/Triangle area ten years ago and enjoys photographing a wide range of subjects. In her free time, Megan and her husband volunteer with several animal rescue organizations. She loves helping people capture memories of their wedding, newborn, family, and pets, and uses a fresh and natural style when doing so to highlight the unique personality of each subject.