How To Have A Fun Family Photoshoot

Family photos are keepsakes and can be treasured for a lifetime. Families display the photos in their homes, at the office, digitally share the photos with family and friends, and even give them as gifts. However, some people feel that having professional photos taken can be stressful. By following the tips below, a family can skip the stress and have a fun and comfortable family photo session. 

Book a Kid-Friendly Time Slot

The first step to making sure the family photoshoot goes smoothly is to book the appointment at a time that works for everyone in the family, especially the kids. For example, a seasoned family photographer will tell parents to avoid scheduling an appointment when the kids are usually tired or hungry. Instead, pick a time when the kids will feel their best.

The best time for photos in terms of lighting in Raleigh, NC, is two hours before sunset or two hours after sunrise. If possible, try to book in one of these time slots if those times work for the kids. If these times are not ideal due to nap or feeding schedules, the photographer will work around the lighting issues, and the photos will still turn out beautifully.

Make Sure Everyone Dresses Comfortably

When choosing the family’s wardrobe, make sure to choose comfortable clothes. Having everyone dressed comfortably is a great way to keep things going smoothly for Raleigh family photography shoots. Being comfortable is especially important for little ones, as a child in an itchy sweater is likely to be a grumpy kid.

If the photo session occurs in the winter, choose layers and long sleeves to keep everyone warm. If the photoshoot occurs in the summer, make sure clothes are light and airy so no one gets too hot. While the goal is to have everyone matching, don’t go overboard. Focus on coordinating colors, bold accent colors, and fun hair and clothing accessories.

Take Drinks and Snacks

If everything goes smoothly, the session could be completed quickly. However, when it comes to families and children photography, the parents never know what to expect. So, be prepared by bringing the kid’s favorite yet mess-free snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to bring water for the adults too. A hydrated family with a basket of snacks is much more likely to be a happy family during their photoshoot.

Let Kids Be Kids

If the goal is to have a fun photography session and adorable photos, it is essential to remember that kids are kids. Kids want to play, dance, sing, and explore. The photographer will understand that your little ones have big personalities and will work to capture precious photos showcasing their natural dispositions.

It is okay to let your child be their rambunctious self during the session. If your child is distracted during the session, it could be a good thing. Some of the best photos are taken in unplanned moments, and the best photographers will work patiently to capture those unique shots. If things don’t seem to be going as planned, it is okay. Let the kids be kids, and trust in the photographer’s skills.

Talk About the Appointment With Enthusiasm 

While many people like surprises, some need to warm up to new ideas, settings, and events. Give the family time to get excited by talking about the appointment ahead of time. Let everyone know what to expect and gush about how fun the session will be.

So children understand what will happen, show them examples of family photos and let them know that the family will send the pictures to grandparents, teachers, and extended family. Consider “playing” photoshoot a few times, so the children can practice smiling and sitting for a pretend photo. Talking about the session and practicing at home are great ways to help kids feel at ease enough to enjoy the experience when the big day comes.

When booking a session, capturing the perfect family photo is the goal. By following the tips above, parents can increase their odds of having happy kids who look delighted and angelic in their family photos. In addition, if the photographer gets excellent pictures and everyone has a blast, the kids are more likely to remember the fun time and want to participate in future family photos.  

About the Photographer

For the past ten years, Megan Kime has been offering professional photography services in and around the Raleigh and Triangle, NC, areas. Kime got her start in photography with weddings but now specializes in all areas of photography, including special events, children and family photography, maternity and newborn shoots, and pet portraits.