How to Plan an Unforgettable Maternity Photoshoot

Capturing the glow of pregnancy memorializes this special moment for a lifetime. A professional photographer understands what it takes to create photos everyone will treasure for years to come. While nine months might seem like a long time at the onset, it goes by quickly, so there’s no time to waste. Discover how to plan an unforgettable maternity photoshoot to get incredible images of this beautiful time.

Timing is Everything

Timing is everything for a maternity photoshoot, so book a session with a maternity photographer during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. After that time, a women’s body becomes more swollen, and the sessions could become uncomfortable. Scheduling the session between 30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy ensures the photos depict this fleeting time in a woman’s life and reveal the full glory of her baby bump.

Choose the Right Professional

Take time to review maternity photography portfolios to find work that resonates with your vision of the shoot. Talk to different professionals and share ideas to determine the right one for the project. It is crucial for mothers to feel comfortable with the photographer to get natural results. Make an appointment to discuss options with the photographer and see if it could be a good fit.

Include the Family

Most mothers include their partners in the photos, but why not bring the other children and grandparents? A maternity photoshoot can include anyone the mother wants to share this beautiful moment with. Everyone should wear essential clothing that won’t distract from the baby bump. Talk to the photographer about the right clothes and colors for everyone to wear to ensure the images look professional. Encourage people to wear comfortable clothes so they are at ease in the pictures.

Bring in the Fur Babies

Many people have dogs and cats before they decide to have children. These precious fur babies become a vital part of the family story. Remember to include pets in the maternity photoshoot to show they were also part of the pregnancy. Plus, fur babies add another dimension of love and joy to the photos. Bring items to make your pets feel comfortable during the photoshoot. Remember to give them food and exercise before the photoshoot to get the most cooperation.

Keep It Simple

Women want to look their best for professional photos, but maternity pictures should focus on the baby bump. Wear a simple hairstyle with light makeup to keep the focus on the swollen belly in the picture. Choose matte makeup to avoid sparkles or glitter that could distract from your pregnant belly. Slip into an outfit that makes it easy to see you are pregnant and shows off the roundness of your tummy.

Just Add Balloons and Signs

A whimsical touch makes pregnancy pictures stand out from the crowd. Dare to be different by incorporating colorful elements into the shoot. For example, bring a bunch of balloons to hold while posing for the photos. Another option is to create signs announcing the pregnancy, sex of the child, or any other news to share about this magical moment. The best maternity pictures depict a woman having fun and doing what she enjoys most. Instead of traditional poses, consider images taken in particular places or spaces for your family. 

Take It Outside

Some of the loveliest maternity images are taken in the great outdoors. Consider a field of flowers in bloom during the springtime or photos by the beach during the summer. The wintertime provides a magical backdrop for maternity pictures, and a holiday theme can add to the joy. Wear clothes to match the season, such as a floral dress or a two-piece bathing suit that reveals your bump. Talk to the photographer about taking a close-up shot of your pregnant tummy. 

Make It Personal

Your maternity photos should not look like everyone else. Make the pictures personal by including your favorite people and elements in the shoot. Include props that make everyone smile or remember a specific time. Adding a personalized touch makes the images unique and gives everyone something to talk about in the years ahead. The goal is to have a good time and capture the happiness to remember forever.

Megan Kime has been a Raleigh maternity photographer for over a decade, documenting families, babies, weddings, and fur babies. After the arrival of her little girl, Megan Kime Photography ventured into the family, newborn, and maternity photographs. Megan and her husband are also affiliated with several local animal rescue organizations and offer their services to help educate and promote awareness about these organizations.