How to Get the Most Out of a Family Photography Session

Those who live in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, have an opportunity to use a great photographer for documenting their special days and events such as graduations, weddings, maternity and birth of children, baby and children’s portraits, special family days, and family pets. When you are spending the money to get a family portrait, why not make sure it is truly special and shows the family member’s personalities?

Getting the Best Family Photo

Getting a really special family photo takes more effort than that of the photographer. The family must do their part, including everything from choosing the correct photographer to dressing right and preparing family members to do their best when posing. All types of family photography are a special calling for professional photographers such as Megan Kime. The photographer must like people and children in particular. Choose someone who specializes in family portraits. Then, look at their portfolio of photographs to see if that is the type of look you want. 

Once you have chosen a family photographer, talk to them and get their advice on preparing for the photoshoot. Then, consider these tips for preparing.

  • If your photographer does on-site photography rather than only studio photographs, choose the location carefully. Outdoor photos are lovely but subject to weather conditions. Choose a favorite spot or a nice park as the backdrop. The time of year will make a difference in the success of outdoor photoshoots. Spring weather can be a challenge, and winter has limited times of good lighting. Fall and summer are the best seasons for outdoor photoshoots early in the day or early in the evening when lighting is optimal.
  • What everyone wears makes a difference in the photo outcome. Ask advice from your Raleigh photographer. Then, consider what mood you want for the photo and think about how everyone’s clothes will coordinate. Bring a second set of clothes for everyone just in case. Choose comfortable clothing so everyone can be more relaxed. Think about more layers as a backup if the weather changes during the shoot. And finally, think about accessories such as scarves or hats to add variety and personality to the photos.
  • Prepare the kids for the photo shoot in advance by making sure they are well-rested, well-fed, and know what to expect. Bring a few snacks in case they get hungry before the session is done. Good snacks include cheese cubes, dried fruit, jellybeans, or goldfish crackers. Don’t bring treats that are messy and might stain teeth or spill on the children’s clothes.
  • When pets are part of the photoshoot, bring a friend to watch them when they are not in the photograph. If dogs are too hyper and don’t follow directions well, don’t bring them. Have snacks and toys to help the dog cooperate.
  • Try to make your family photo session a fun event with affection and jokes to keep the mood fun.

The Photographer Can Get Better Results With These Tips

Even experienced photographers can find family photo sessions challenging. Problems can be avoided by making sure the families get a series of instructions in advance about being well-fed, and well-rested. Give the family some pointers on choosing the outfits everyone will wear. Color makes a difference in the overall mood of the photograph.

More tips for more successful photoshoots include the following.

  • Encourage families to allow ample time to get ready for the photoshoot, both at home and once they arrive.
  • Ask fathers to be part of the photoshoot in a cheerful way. This family photo will be treasured for years especially if everyone is included and looks happy.
  • Parents should not demand their children say “cheese” or smile. The photographer can coax smiles in a friendly, natural way.
  • Encourage the families to have a little fun during the session. They should be encouraged to show affection, laugh, and play around a little. Photographers should lead the family to the poses they want.
  • The family should bring an activity with them. This can include a sports item like a football or baseball, books, board games, and more depending on the family interests.
  • The family must know that not everyone will be smiling or looking at the camera at the same time. The photographer will get the best photos as a family interacts naturally with one another. 
  • And, everyone should be patient including the photographer. Children do not react well to signs of impatience or rushing.

About Megan Kime Photography

Megan has been a professional photographer for 10 years specializing in weddings and family photography. She lives and works in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area where she knows all the best places to hold outdoor photoshoots for clients. Megan is also affiliated with animal rescue organizations in the Raleigh area. Megan offers a fresh perspective for family photography that combines traditional and new perspectives along with a touch of photojournalism.