Baby Photography

What To Know When Hiring A Baby Photographer

New parents always have a lot of questions, so figuring out how to find the right baby photographer doesn’t always make the top of the list. Parents who are interested in documenting their babies’ first experiences with the world should exercise care when choosing a Raleigh photographer, though. Read on to find out what they should consider.

Baby Safety

Above and beyond all aesthetic concerns, the parents’ priority should always be their child’s safety. Take the time to do some research and choose a reputable, experienced photographer who has plenty of experience working with babies. Here are a few things to look for right off the bat:

  • How long has the photographer been working with babies?
  • What kind of specialized training does the photographer have in safe posing for babies?
  • Are there certain poses that are off the table?
  • Will there be an assistant or spotter present at the shoot?
  • Is the business licensed and insured?
  • Is the studio sanitized between sessions?

Be on the lookout for red flags. Check reviews, look into the photographer or company’s reputation, and pay attention to your intuition. If parents feel that there is something amiss, they should always trust their guts and look elsewhere for a photographer.

Timing for the Shoot

The best time to hire a professional for baby photography is during the expectant mother’s second or third trimester. Baby photography sessions are usually completed within the first two weeks of a baby’s life, so make sure to get on the photographer’s calendar before he or she makes an entrance into the world.

Type of Session

As with all photo sessions, there are different types of baby photoshoots. Some parents prefer posed photographs taken in a studio, while others like lifestyle sessions conducted in the home. Check the photographer’s portfolio to see what his or her previous work looks like and whether it matches your expectations.

Baby vs. Family Photographs

Some parents prefer photos that include just the baby, while others want the whole family to take part. If older siblings, parents, grandparents, or even four-legged family members will be a part of the photoshoot, it may be better to look for a photographer that specializes in family photography, not just taking shots of babies.

Posed Sessions and Composites

All reputable baby photographers receive dedicated training in how to safely pose infants. It’s not uncommon to see photos on Pinterest and other websites that show infants by themselves holding unique poses, but these are usually composite shots. Creating composites out of multiple photos allows photographers to catch the perfect pose without jeopardizing an infant’s safety.

Parents should keep in mind that the baby’s comfort and safety should be top priorities. If that means sacrificing the perfect posed shot, that’s a small price to pay. Every baby is a little different, and some infants simply don’t want to adopt certain popular poses. A good photographer will respect the needs of his or her tiny client.

Communication Matters

Good communication is the key to creating photographs parents will love, so pick a photographer who will explain each step of the process and create clear expectations. Ask questions and pay attention to how the photographer answers them. If it seems like he or she is standoffish or unwilling to take the time to explain parents’ options and what they should expect before the shoot, the chances are good that nothing will change the day of the shoot.

Budget Concerns

Parents should expect to get what they pay for. Hiring a professional photographer to take baby photos can be expensive, but there’s a reason for the high price tag. These professionals need proper gear, education, and experience to create the perfect images, and all of that takes investing a good deal of time and money into honing their crafts.

While high-quality baby photoshoots aren’t cheap, reputable photographers will go out of their way to offer multiple packages at different price points. They’ll also be upfront about pricing. If a photographer refuses to divulge prices for different types of photoshoots and print releases, consider that a red flag and look for someone who will exercise more transparency.

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