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Tips When Hiring a Newborn Photographer

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion. Freezing the moment in time through pictures is one way to make this special delivery last a lifetime. Hiring an experienced infant photographer is essential when dealing with a fragile human life. There are several things to look for when choosing the perfect photographer for a baby, with safety being the top priority.

When to Schedule an Infant’s First Photos

Before the new arrival makes an entrance, parents should consider making arrangements for that all-important first photoshoot. Believe it or not, the best time to schedule this is during the second trimester or the early part of the third trimester to ensure a date on the chosen photographer’s calendar. If capturing the essence of new life is the goal, select the earliest date available. Ideally, a date between weeks one through eight is best since growth changes take place daily. This window-in-time goes by quickly, but it’s also when newborn photography captures some of the best images of an infant’s first moments.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Photographer

First of all, experience does make a difference when deciding who will photograph your new bundle of joy. Be diligent when researching for the best candidate. Recommendations from previous clients speak volumes as there are no re-dos for newborn photos. Check out each photographer’s portfolio, and feel free to ask questions regarding how they created the photoshoots that interest you. Be sure to inquire about the methods used to keep an infant safe and comfortable and communicate with the photographer at all times.

Discuss the Budget Ahead of Time

When a new baby is on the way, making arrangements for that all-important first photo shouldn’t break the bank. Planning for it includes setting a budget that’s agreeable on both ends. Discuss the final cost and what’s included, such as the number of poses taken and the number of printed photos you’ll receive. In the end, there won’t be any surprises, just beautiful lasting memories.

Work With What Feels Natural

Posing is a vital part of infant photography, but it should never compromise a child’s safety. Working with positions that are natural for a child can help photos to look graceful and not awkward. Each child is different, and while one may prefer to lie on their back, another may be more secure on their stomach. A knowledgeable photographer should recognize the positions that make a baby feel at ease and work with what keeps an infant peaceful and calm. Just remember, safety is the top priority, and no shot is worth risking a child’s well-being. 

Cleanliness On the Set

When hiring a Raleigh photographer, be observant of the cleanliness of all photoshoot areas. Unsanitary conditions may expose an infant to germs they are incapable of fighting off. Babies have fragile immune systems, so knowing how often cleaning takes place is very important. The products used for sterilizing a photoshoot set should be free of caustic substances as well. Sanitation is part of infant safety, and failing to stay on top of cleanliness puts every infant at risk.

Including Family Members In an Infant Portrait

Some families express a desire to have family members included in their infant photoshoot. When researching for a photographer, be sure to seek out one who has experience in this area. Family photos offer a beautiful way to celebrate a new life, but they can often be tricky to capture on film. Other siblings may not be cooperative, so you must choose a skilled professional to create a lasting memory of this type. A good photographer can keep everyone’s attention focused at the same time. When doing an infant photoshoot, consider adding the rest of the family to at least one of the poses. When looking back years later, this simple photo addition may mean the world to all of you.

Hire Someone With Years of Experience

Megan Kime is a well-loved portrait photographer with over 15 years of experience. She serves clients in and around Raleigh, NC, including Cary, Chapel Hill, and Durham. Megan works hard to capture the unique personality of each subject, and the praise from previous clients attests to her high standards of excellence when working with infants and families.

Infant portraits capture a moment that only happens once. An experienced camera person can create the perfect shot that will record this special event forever. When choosing a photographer, be sure to research them first, check for cleanliness and safety protocol in the studio, and communicate your wishes directly once you’ve enlisted their services.